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Lid sinds 5 oktober 2017
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NaamZara Liore
Lichaamsbouwnormaal - niet gespierd
Haarlengtezeer lang haar
Lengte153 cm
Gewicht53 kg

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fashion modelpromotiemodel
glamour modelboudoir
catwalk modelactrice

Ik kan/wil mij verplaatsen tot maximaal 100 km.
Ik verplaats me met volgende vervoermiddelen :     openbaar vervoer

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Portfolio van Zara Liore

Over Zara Liore

Hello! My name is Zara. I'm a pear-shaped American who moved to the Netherlands just over a year ago, and you also might have seen me as one of the models on CuffGirl. I'm in the Amsterdam area, but it's no problem to shoot elsewhere if you compensate travel expenses. I have fairly fit arms, and am working on getting my legs the same way.

Current hair color: Brown/Red.

Like me on Facebook: @ZaraLiore

Peek at me on Instagram: @ZaraLiore

See my moodboards on Pinterest: @Etherianna

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Or buy me a coffee! :)


I would love to meet more people from around the world who share a similar passion in modelling and photography. I'm not stuck-up at all and am very approachable, so don't hesitate to contact me. :)

I provide my own wardrobe, hair, and makeup, unless you have other arrangements for that. I'm also quite able to do some photo editing.

Also, do you have an account on,, or Show me your pictures; I'd love to see, especially if we work together sometime! :)

My Rates

Some TFP is negotiable depending on your skill level and the type of shoot, but I will usually not shoot for anything less than travel expenses.

30/h for portrait, beauty, bridal, fashion, hair, lifestyle, and everything else not in the below categories
varies/h for bondage, latex, leather, lingerie, and all else that could be considered specialized or fetish; depending on the terms of the shoot

And add just 10/h to bring a second photographer friend, since working with more than one photographer at once is more demanding. Smile I model up to non-transparent lingerie and fetish, and will not squish my breasts together, pretend to pull down my knickers, or do any other poses that are more cheesy than artistic.

I am also open to clothing brands, commercials, editorials, magazines, music videos, voiceovers, and websites. And as you can see written above, I also do clothed bondage shoots - I love shibari and kinbaku!

The most important thing to me is finding someone who is cheerful and fun with whom to create great things! :)


My Costumes

I'm happy to wear the costumes and props you have if they fit the shoot and my comfort level. I also have a fair amount of costumes myself; some examples off the top of my head include:

  • Casual
  • Country: An American country girl
  • Bellydancer
  • Catgirl
  • Gamer girl
  • Gothic
  • Gryffindor/Hogwarts student: Like Hermione from Harry Potter
  • Hitomi: From the Dead or Alive video game series
  • Lolita: A mischievous, heartbreaker lolita girl
  • Maid
  • Metal: Like a metal music artist
  • Pirate wench
  • Schoolgirl
  • Secretary/office girl/teacher
  • Sporty girl
  • Triss: From the Witcher video game series
  • Yennefer: From the Witcher video game series

These, along with fine art and gel shoots, would be my favorite shoots to do! I'm especially interested in creating fantasy and surreal pictures made with these costumes.

You can check which ones I am able to do on my Pinterest, which is @Etherianna.


  • Promotional shoots
  • Gel light shoots
  • Flour shoots

I would love to meet more people from around the world who share a similar passion in modelling and photography. I'm not stuck-up at all and am very approachable, so don't hesitate to contact me! :)


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